Eien One as a whole is an IT-based Company founded on 2010, which in the beginning provides custom Solution primarily in the Software/Application part for individual company. As Eien One keeps moving forward, Eien One expand its businesses to provide a more Total Solution to its customer, which needs a more than just a Software/Application to fuel & empower their businesses.

The first thing that people think when they heard about Eien One is what is the meaning of Eien One?Eien One comes from two words ‘Eien’ & ‘One’, ‘Eien’ is actually derived from Japanese Language which means ‘Eternal’ and ‘One’ comes from the number one in the English Language. So by combining both words, we got ‘Eien One’, which is the vision embodiment of the Founder to always make Eien One to be the number one in terms of the Services & Businesses that it provides to its honored customer.

Experienced in working in not just stand-alone Projects, such as Web Development Projects, Desktop Solution, Hardware Consulting, Software Consulting, Eien One also provide a longer term of IT Business Empowerment in the forms of Continuing Web Maintenance, IT Maintenance & Outsourcing for the company as a whole, and so on.We proud to say that we have worked with and for many top of the line in their line of businesses, such as Property, Marketing, Food & Beverages, Education, Personnel & Human Relations, and many others. With them as our customer & partner, we are really confident to say that we can and will overcome today and future challenge in providing the best IT Solution & Empowerment to any kind of Businesses in the world!Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we ensure you that we can help you & we want to be a part of your Business Success!

Donny I. Wijaya

CEO & Founder